Date updated: 1st of August 2021

General is a Service provided by RNN Group OY (Y-tunnus 3091611-6). For the purposes of the terms and conditions stated in this document below, will be referred to as a Service Provider. All terms and conditions below are specifically related to the services of

This document contains (“Service provider”) terms and conditions (“Terms of service”) related to the use of invoicing service meant for light entrepreneurs (“Invoicing service”) and provided by the Service provider (“Service”). Terms of Service define terms, conditions, rights and obligations between the following parties:

Service provider – and User of the Service (“Service user”).

Establishment and changes of the contract between the parties

A contract is formed between the parties when Service user registers as user of the Service and accepts the Terms of Service. During registration, the Service User agrees to comply with the Terms of Service and other related conditions, regulations and instructions of the Service. The Service user warrants that he/she has read and agreed with the Terms of Service before proceeding with registration at and using the Service. By agreeing to Terms of Service, the Service user agrees that he/she is not aware of any issues that might prevent him/her from using the service.

The Service provider has the right to decide who will be accepted as a Service user and is allowed to reject the right to use the Service.

The Service provider reserves the right to change the Service or modify Terms of Service to comply with authorities’ requests and orders and/or upon decision/need of the Service Provider. Any changes to the Terms of Service shall be valid once Service user has been notified thereof. By continuing to use the Service upon receipt of the notification related to changes of the Terms of Service, the Service user accepts the updated Terms of Service. The Service user has a right to use the Service according to the Terms of Service, including its updated versions, and in compliance with the applicable legislation and good practice.

In course of providing the Service, Service provider may offer additional services for which separate Terms of Service may be applicable.

Contractual relationship between the parties

The contract between Service provider and Service user covers invoicing of the work performed by Service user. The Service user is not a subordinate of the Service provider, nor works under direction of the Service Provider. The contractual relationship between Service provider and Service User is not covered by Finnish Employment Contract Act (2001:55, Section 1), meaning is not in the nature of employment contract or covered by the employee pension legislation, therefore no employment relationship shall be formed between the parties, unless expressly agreed upon in writing. The Service user is personally responsible to ensure that work safety regulations applicable to the type of provided work, working hours’ regulations and other applicable laws and regulations are followed during performance of work.

The Service user does not have the right to represent the Service provider or enter into any kind of contracts or assignments in the name of the Service provider, nor assign the rights to third parties.

Contractual relationships of Service User with its Assignors

The Service user shall himself/herself search for the work (“Assignment(s)”) and agree directly with the party contracting the Service user to perform the assignment (“Assignor”) about the cost and other terms related to the contracted assignment. For the purposes of the Terms of Service, Service user and Assignor may be cumulatively referred to as “Parties of the Assignment”.

The Service provider shall not be a party of the contract related to the assignment. The Service user is liable towards the Assignor for all related liabilities, agreements, undertakings, and obligations relating to the assignment, including all performed work, delays and/or mistakes. The Service provider is not required to assess the profitability, legitimacy or accuracy of the Service user’s operations, assignments, or invoices and is not liable thereof. The Service provider shall not be liable for any disputes between the Service user and its Assignors and nor is required to take part in any related proceedings.

The Service provided by the Service Provider cannot be used if employment relationship exists between the Service User and Assignor according to the Employment Contracts Act or if such relationship would arise between them. It is the responsibility of the Service user to inform the Assignor about the contractual relationship between the Service provider and the Service user, and the related Terms of Service.

The Service user shall calculate the pricing of his/her work to deliver the agreed assignment between Service user and the Assignor taking into account that the Service provider is not the employer of the Service user, and that other costs may be incurred by the Service user e.g. possible mandatory pension insurance (YEL).

Users of the Invoicing service. General Provisions

The Invoicing service is meant for individuals without Business Identity Code (Y-Tunnus in Finnish) – so-called light entrepreneurs. The Service user is entitled to use the Service only for invoicing of his/her own assignments, including kilometer allowances and daily allowances directly linked to the performance of work, unless otherwise agreed by Parties of the Assignment. The parties of the assignment may agree separately to order materials or rental equipment required for the Service user to work on the assignment. The Service provider can include such items to the invoice when invoicing the Assignor if the information is accurately provided by the Service User and is not against applicable laws, regulations or general practices.

The Service user has no employment obligation for the Service Provider, nor any obligation to use the Service in all of his/her assignments. The contractual relationship between the Service provider and the Service user shall be valid and effective only in the assignments that are performed and invoiced using the Service. The Service provider shall only invoice the assignments that the Service user requests the Service provider to invoice using the designated form provided by the Service provider online.

Invoicing procedures

The Service provider invoices the Service user’s Assignor for the invoice amount agreed between the Service user and the Assignor using Service provider’s bank account and the VAT number of the Service provider. The Service provider is liable for collecting, reporting, and paying to the Tax Authorities the value added taxes (VAT) based on the invoicing. The applicable VAT amount has to be added to the invoiced amount when the invoiced is sent to the Service user’s Assignor.

Payment of salary

Once Assignor has paid the invoice and invoice amount is received to the bank account of the Service provider, the Service provider will deduct the Service fee, mandatory health insurance payment if applicable (related to YEL), withhold and deduct all required taxes according to the Service user’s tax card and withhold and deduct the applicable VAT. In cases when tax card is lacking or other mandatory information is missing, the withholding tax of 60% will be deducted. The sum remaining after the deductions is the net salary of the Service user, which will be paid to the bank account of the Service user without delay, but usually within three (3) business days (normal practice of the Finnish banks) after the payment of the Assignor is received to the Service provider’s bank account. The Service provider shall not be liable for any delays caused by disturbances of payments processing by the banks.

The Service provider is liable for statutory obligations related to salary payments such as drafting pay slips and filing notifications in the Incomes Register. The Service user has to inform the Service provider whether the Service user is required to take self-employed persons’ pension (YEL) insurance in order to control the obligation to pay social insurance contribution. Any changes related to the YEL status shall be informed without delay to the Service provider. The Service user shall be liable for excessive or too small deductions caused by incorrect information and thereof applicable additional charges and costs, and the Service provider has the right to re-claim the outstanding payments.

From the invoiced kilometer allowances and daily allowances only the service fee of the use of the Service will be deducted assuming that the kilometer allowances and daily allowances do not exceed the maximum amounts set and amended from time to time by the Tax Administration.

Service fee and additional charges

The Service fee of the Service provider is 2% (two percent) of the invoice amount. The invoice amount is agreed between Service user and its Assignor and is related to the performed Assignment.

In relation to the salary payment, the Service fee and required additional charges and taxes are deducted from the accrued payment. Where required, VAT may be added to the invoice amount. If Service user is YEL responsible, the Service provider will additionally deduct mandatory social health insurance fee from the payment received to the Service provider’s account before the remaining sum of the paid invoice is transferred to the Service user account.

Availability of the Service

The Service is available for use on the Service provider’s server. The Service provider strives to act in a consistent manner to make sure that Service is available without interruptions, however is not responsible for any interruptions in the availability of the Service. On reasonable grounds, The Service provider has the right at any time to suspend or stop offering the Service in its part or completely. The Service user shall inform the Service provider of any detected breaks or errors in the operation of the Service.

Personal data protection and use of information

The Service provider undertakes to treat all data related to the Service user that shall be considered confidential as confidential. This obligation shall survive the expiration of contract between the parties.

The Service provider shall process and control (whichever applicable) all personal data obtained through the Service according to the valid legislation and Privacy Policy.

The Service user gives his/her permission to process his/her personal data provided by the Service user when using the Service. The permission is valid for the instances when the data is used for the purposes of provision of Service, additional services and in any other instances required by applicable law or regulation. The Service provider shall have a right to verify the accuracy of the data, delete and edit the data, as well as use the data in further development of the Service, in communication and marketing, including targeted communications and/or marketing for the Service user.

The Service user agrees that he/she has been familiarized with the Privacy Policy of the Service Provider and expressly gives his/her permission to process personal data of the Service user via any (automated) processing required for Service use and further development of the Service and additional services. Terms and Conditions: Personal Data Processing

shall be applied to the Service user, as the controller of the personal data and the Service provider as the data processor. The Service user agrees that that he/she has been familiarized with the Data Processing Terms and approves the terms before starting to use the Service.


The Service user gives the Service provider all necessary authorizations required for the Service provider to provide the Service and any additional services connected to the Service.

Final provisions

All copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the Service and its contents, data, and materials as well as the trade names belong to the Service provider. Any intellectual property rights of the Service user related to the information provided during use of Service remain with the Service user, while the Service provider shall not use this information for any other purposes than those related to the provision of the Service.

The Service user shall treat his/her username and password related to the Service with great caution and shall not disclose without cause. The Service user shall be liable for all activities when using the Service with his/her username, including personal data and other details entered under his/her username. When entering the data for the use of Service, the Service user shall ensure that no intellectual property rights of any third parties have been breached and/or his/her actions are otherwise unlawful.

The Service provider will notify relevant authorities of possible suspected malpractices and inform relevant authorities in case of any suspicion of criminal activity by Service users while using the Service.

Service provided by are governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising from using these Terms of Service or using the Service have to be settled in negotiations. If the settlement can not be achieved, the dispute will be decided by the District Court of Helsinki as the first instance.