Date updated: 1st of August 2021

This is a statement of our Website Privacy Policy that explains how we use and process data that we collect when our visitors visit website. As the user of this website, you are giving us your permission to place cookies on your computer. You are doing so when you allow cookies in your browser settings. Here you can also find examples how you can block cookies if you are do not want us to use this functionality.

This Website Privacy Policy was created in August 2021. reserves the right to update and change Website Privacy Policy.

What kind of information we are collecting about you?

When you visit our website, we may gather information about you related to your usage of this website, such as your IP address, details on your terminal and browser settings including uses of our website. With exception to your IP address, we only collect your personal data when you actually register at to use the Service, or in cases when you provide your personal data to us as a user via website through contact form for example.

How are we using your data?

We are using your information disclosed to us when using this website only for the purposes of answering contact requests, providing content of our website in the device of your choice, improving the work of our website to enhance user experience and handling and improving our communications.

Are we disclosing your information?

Your information will not be disclosed to other organizations for commercial purposes. We strive to make sure that the data is handled within the limits of the Legislation on Data Protection. We are using GCloud service provider, whereas the data is stored at Hamina, Finland and Belgium. Third parties are not entitled to use the data for their own purposes. See also: - privacy policy statement

How can you control collection of information? - privacy policy statement

You have the right to inspect what information we store on you, make corrections or changes to this information, and/or, if you wish, you are entitled to request deletion of the information that we store about you. Requests relating to the above-mentioned matters can be sent by email to

  • Google Chrome:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Safari:

If you do not want our website to store cookie information, you can block this in your browser settings for individual websites or completely. You can also remove the cookie information saved by your browser at any time. Examples how the cookie block can be done:

How do we use cookies?

Please be aware that blocking cookies may affect the functionalities of our website and use of Services.

We use the below mentioned services offered by third parties on our website:

  • Google Analytics is a service for tracking website visitors. It saves information how long you spend on the website, how did you end up on the website and which links you click on. Information on Google Analytics privacy policy:
  • Google offers opt-out extension to opt out from cookies saved by the Google Analytics:

Google AdWords Conversion cookies enables to monitor efficiency of Google search ads.

Google Dynamic Remarketing is a remarketing tool which helps to show users ads of services, which they have seen earlier on our website / other websites.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by sending us an email to